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When not solving a client's unique technology issues, we enjoy creating digital art and photography.  We're currently developing new methods to produce more advanced digital photography and fractal artwork using new techniques.
Pushing The Technology Envelope
Using a measured approach to analyzing an organization's needs has proven to be the best strategy to finding the most prudent, cost effective solutions.
Our analysis illuminates the possibilities
Our solutions bring them to reality
Thinking "inside the box", keeps solutions from being apparent.   Looking at the same problems in the same ways, hides a myriad of possibilities.  We view challenges from a wider perspective.  Viewing challenges from outside the forest give broader views to challenges seen only from the inside.
Analysis To Solutions
Illuminating The Possibilities
BrainBoxUSA's principal, has over two decades of experience working in the Technology arena.  Having served on the U.S. Senate Staff,  the U.S. Department of Commerce and consulting for several of America's largest computer companies; he possesses the industry knowledge & experience that clients need.

After serving the U.S. Commerce Department and interviewing hundreds of business owners from large to SMB's, it became apparent the disparity that existed for small business having access to high technology.  BrainBoxUSA's mission is to assist SMBs and Organizations gain access to the same types of technologies that large corporations have access to.
Putting The Pieces Of Today's Technology Puzzle Together
Pieces Of The Technology Puzzle
About BrainBoxUSA
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Technology Is A Puzzle
Integrating Technology Into Businesses & Organizations
Designing Solutions To Make Possibilities Become Reality
Experimenting Just For Fun
More than two decades of honing technical knowledge & skills has brought the advantages of technology to SMBs, Governments & Organizations.  Experience spans entities from SOHOs to 4000 seat desktop deployments.  From millions of members to small manufacturing shops, retail stores, restaurants and local non-profits, BrainBoxUSA is ready to meet your needs.
Digital Solutions For A Digital World