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If you're a small business or a non profit organization on a tight budget, setting up your organization or moving it to the Cloud can save precious financial resources and give it a stable financial outlay that is predictable.  Not having to purchase servers and other network equipment can save thousands.  Eliminating the patches, upgrades and onsite maintenance saves money going forward.  The Cloud, if planned out wisely can bring both savings and stability to budgets, preserving financial resources for other uses.  If you are considering the Cloud, Read This Document First.

Google & Dropbox offer several services for free that can help your organization getting started in the Cloud.  Both offer Cloud storage & collaboration tools (the paid versions offer many more features & services) valuable to almost any organization.
Many Pieces Of The CLoud
Google Calendar can be a powerful tool to keep members, employees & customers informed of schedules, events, sales, classes, etc....

Google Docs is a complete office suite of software which includes a word processor, spreadsheet and presentation producer.  It also includes a free online storage are for your Documents so other members of your organization can collaborate in writing and producing them, or to just easily give them access to the ones you need them to see.

Dropbox is an online storage, backup and collaboration system that can provide many great tools to businesses and organizations.  With a small amount of training and practice, your organization can begin to collaborate with team members and other stake holders, safely and securely in the Cloud.  BrainBoxUSA uses Dropbox to send, receive and securely share files with clients and others.

Google Drive is Google's iteration of online cloud storage & collaboration.  It is intimately linked with a required Google Account, Google Docs, Calendar and Google Forms.  The FREE version which requires signing up for a free Google account, offers free storage too.  PAID plans which are much more feature rich and recommended for businesses & organizations has applications for collaboration and offers a Terabyte (1000 GB) of storage per user.
Get Dropbox Free - Start Collaborating Today
We Use Dropbox
The videos below can help guide you through the basic learning curve getting started with Google Calendar, Docs & Drive or Dropbox.  All are free versions of Cloud services offered by Google & Dropbox.  Paid, more feature rich versions are available for each.  These are powerful, free tools for your business or organization and are used by millions of businesses & organizations .

Please Note:  These tutorials DO NOT substitute for onsite training of staff & personnel. 
Contact BrainBoxUSA for indepth, onsite training.
Google Calendar Views
2 - Google Calendar Views
Google Calendar Basics
1 - Google Calendar Basics
Google Calendar Sharing
3 - Google Calendar Sharing
Using Google Calendar
Google Calendar can give your organization tools to plan and coordinate with your entire group.  It can have multiple calendars; some public, some private.  Clients find this free tool great to post calendars to their websites as well as keeping Private calendars for internal scheduling with employees and selected groups of people.
The Internet Traffic Report monitors the flow of data around the world. It then displays a value between zero and 100. Higher values indicate faster and more reliable connections.
Using Google Docs
Getting Started With
Google Docs 2
Google Calendar Views
Getting Started With
Google Docs 1
Getting Started With Google Docs 1
Google Docs Collaboration
Google Docs
Google Docs Tour
Google Docs Tour
Google Docs Images, Links & Sharing
Google Docs
Images, Links, Sharing
Gets Rid Of Junk Files
Google Docs provides your group a complete suite of office software FREE to allow you to collaborate with partners & coworkers around the globe or across the office.  The Paid version offers many more features and can be tied to a subdomain.
Using Google Drive
Google Drive provides FREE Cloud storage to start and is integrated with a required Google Account, Docs, Calendar, Forms and more.  It has Apps for Andriod and Apple and PC and can be a great solution for businesses and organizations of any size that wish to move their operations to the Cloud.  There is a learning curve and onsite customization is recommended.
Intro To Google Drive
Into To Google Drive
Google Drive 101
Google Drive 101
Google Forms New Look 2016
Google Forms New Look
Get Dropbox Free - Start Collaborating Today
We Use Dropbox
Using Dropbox
Dropbox - Getting Started In 5 Minutes
Dropbox provides users FREE online storage and basic collaboration tools to allow you to collaborate with partners & coworkers around the globe or across the office.  The Paid version offers many more features and is for business & larger entities.
Dropbox Tutorial
Getting Started In 5 Min.
Dropbox - Full Tutorial
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